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Portugal has managed to position itself as a global player that stands out in the market due to its capacity to produce small series with high added value, flexibility and a remarkable price/quality ratio.

Its main client industries are the automobile, aeronautical and the electrical and electronics sectors, among other groups of enormous relevance, sophistication and demand.

Large international groups find in Portugal a qualified and experienced workforce, companies with a high technological and engineering competitiveness, which allows them to manufacture metal, plastic or rubber parts of high precision and assemble their products.

From small components to complete systems, Portuguese companies work for quality. They are mainly SMEs that have been able to acquire the necessary knowledge and know-how in their sector, develop the flexibility of their activity and resort to innovation in order to be better prepared for the new challenges of the market.

The Portuguese companies in the Engineered Parts & Solutions area have gained ground and visibility internationally, standing out in the fields of quality, innovation and technology.

Why Portugal

Product groups

  • Stainless steel castings
  • Aluminium die castings
  • CNC turned parts made of stainless steel
  • Precision milled parts made of steel and iron

Campo Obrigatório