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Portuguese companies develop innovative technologies that major brands cannot live without. It eases the daily activity of millions of people and opens the door to the future.

From the labs to the world, Portugal has been the nest for some hightech innovations and a tech hub for cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and robotics, a Technology Center for autonomous vehicles, among others.

The stability of its legal systems, its respect for intellectual property rights and welcome foreign talent is the good combination for foreign companies of all sizes are establishing a presence in Portugal.

Portuguese ICT companies provide services for different sectors such as aeronautics and defense, health, education, security, finance, telecommunications and distribution, among others.

Portugal is not only a market open to innovation, but also the best gateway to ICT companies in the Portuguese speaking markets.

We are eager to showcase these capabilities in 2022 as Hannover Messe Partner Country.

Why Portugal

Product groups

  • Process automation solutions for logistics and material flow
  • General virtual and augmented reality in automation technology
  • Equipment, sensors, communication technology for Industry 4.0 and industrial internet
  • IT Consulting

Campo Obrigatório