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  • Materiais de construção
  • Varsóvia
  • 22 de Maio 2024 a 24 de Maio 2024

If we look at various industries in terms of the revolutions that have taken place in recent years, the stone industry has undergone one of the most significant metamorphoses in business. This transformation was associated with a shift in the aesthetic paradigm of perceiving products made from materials used in this sector, as well as an increasing openness among users to less conventional architectural and design solutions. This has opened up new opportunities for a creative approach to production and has translated into a growing importance of the sector within the overall economy. During Stone Expo, leading companies, technical experts, and practitioners associated with the stone industry will be shaping the future of the sector. Therefore, anyone who wants to be part of this industry's development should not miss this event.

Entidade Organizadora:
Ptak Warsaw Expo
Al. Katowicka 62
05-830 Nadarzyn

Telefone: 48 518 739 124

Antes de programar a sua visita, deve confirmar toda a informação junto do organizador.

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