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Hannover Messe’22 - Portugal Partner-Country in world leading Industry Trade Show

  • Multisetor
  • Hannover
  • 20 de Outubro 2020

Portugal is proudly the Partner Country of Hannover Messe’22 participating under the motto “Portugal Makes Sense”. Portugal Makes Sense for German companies to Source, Outsource, Create, Innovate, Invest, Engage, Expand and Win in the world stage. 

We are heading to Hannover with a relevant Portuguese Delegation with a clear message. Portugal is an essential partner of German Industry where German companies find talent, innovation, reliability and commitment with success. 574 German companies already operating successfully in Portugal know this. We want now to deliver this message to a broader audience.

We are proud with the invitation to be Partner Country as it acknowledges the innovation and quality of Portuguese products and Portugal’s talent in a specially demanding market such as Germany. It also acknowledges our commitment with industrial transformation and our key role in shaping Europe’s economic future.

This is an unique opportunity for national companies and for the country itself, since it will become a world show case of our capabilities of innovation, production, service and talent at a time when we will be witnessing important relocation processes of global value chains.

Portugal Partner Country We are looking forward to welcome you

We are looking forward to welcome and engage with you. In Hannover Messe’22 you will find us all around, but specifically in our Central Pavilion and in our 3 theme focus areas. Portugal Partner Country project will focus on Engineered Parts & Solutions, Digital Ecosystems and Energy Solutions theme areas, which are representative of the Portuguese offer of clusters of excellence, such as mechanical engineering, metal, mobility and automotive, aeronautics and space, textiles, technical plastics, moulds, production technologies and renewable energies. Portuguese participation will be organized by the business association AIMMAP, in partnership with AICEP - Portuguese Trade & Investment Agency, the Portuguese-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Hannover Messe.


Portugal ranks 9th in global contribution to Planet & Climate in the “Good Country Index”. Carbon neutrality by 2050 is our goal


Portuguese companies develop technologies that eases the activity of millions of people and opens the door to the future.


Portugal is a global player that stands out in the market due to its capacity to produce small series with high added value.




  • Hannover Messe

  • German-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce

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